Bathroom Shower Floor

“Bathroom Shower Floor” – when I use this term does it conjure up pictures of locating the ideal source for bathroom floor plans that will somehow magically place your entire bathroom remodeling project all together? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but exactly what the term “bathroom floor plans” actually should be providing you with is actually the starting point for your entire bathroom remodeling project.

The place to begin your bathroom floor plans is to produce a rough drawing. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect – only capture the shape of your bathroom in a demanding freehand drawing to get started. When you’re finished the drawing should look like the shape of your bathroom floor plans.

Now you want to grab a helper and a tape measure and take dimensions of each of the walls in your bathroom. You want to be able to use these dimensions to make what is called a drawing to use in your bathroom floor plans.

You layout the drawing and can grab some chart paper. Draw a rectangle on the graph paper that is sized to a scale if your bathroom is basically a rectangle 10 feet wide by 8 feet deep. You can place this floor plan in an 8 ” x 11″ sheet of chart paper by letting each inch on the drawing represent one foot in your real floor plan.

You may want to create copies of this floor plan, as soon as you’re satisfied that you’ve got the basic shape of this floor plan drawn to scale. You can sketch different fittings onto among the duplicated drawings as a way to erase the fittings without erasing the bathroom floor plans.

You can begin drawing in, to as close to scale as possible, the basic fixtures that your bathroom will possess, The sink/vanity unit the toilet and any other fixtures you need. Mark the location of the main drain line only for reference sake.

It’s possible to cut out bits of paper that the size of your main fittings if you would like to try “playing around” with the structure of the fittings.

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